Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Calder Roxbury home to become open house in 2014

Image Source:  www.connecticutbarns.org

I received an interesting comment from the folks over at the Mindmarrow blog regarding Alexander Calder's Roxbury home.

According to this post, curator Hans Ulrich Obrist is planning an exhibit next year in the Roxbury house.  This is exciting news for Calder fans, as this will be the first time that the home has been open to the public.

I'm really looking forward to following the news on this project and hopefully this will be the beginning of more events in Roxbury!


  1. Crossing over into 2015 - has there been an update regarding the prospect of exhibiting at Alexander Calder's Roxbury home? It doesn't seem such a show or event has transpired to date and I am still hopeful this concept is still being pursued by the curator...

    1. I never saw anything about it either...I'll have to do some research and see if it ever happened....