Friday, March 25, 2011


Here's a video of an interesting architectural model created by Rasmus Svingel, produced while he was a student at the Aarhaus School of Architecture in Denmark.

Experiment process model from Rasmus Svingel on Vimeo.

Rasmus describes it as "an investigation of space and program diversity through movement".  The concept for the model was originally created in a digital computer program and then "processed into an analog model".  Rasmus explains that the model is his attempt to study how a structure might adapt to changing needs necessitated by climate, space, etc.

My first impression was an appreciation for the design and beauty of the model, as it resembles some mobile ideas that I have been working on.  When I opened the video to see more, I was delighted to find that it is in fact a beautiful kinetic sculpture - using a series of carbon fibre wires and rubber bands to produce movement.

Be sure to check out more of Rasmus' designs in his online portfolio.  He has some wonderful ideas, and if his career in architecture doesn't work out, I would suggest that he would have a bright future as an artist...a career transition that happens more often than you would expect.

Rasmus Svingel online portfolio