Monday, October 29, 2012

360 view of Calder's "Five Blossoms"


I wish, somehow, I could stretch out my days like an accordion and create more time for all of the interests that I have...sculpture, origami, unicycling, juggling, classical guitar, zen, and reading - to name just a few...

One of my interests is digital art and 3D modeling.  I've wanted to learn how to do this for many years and awhile ago I discovered a great program called "SketchUp" that is easy to learn, powerful, and best of all: FREE.  I also discovered another great (free) program called Kerkythea that imports SketchUp models and allows you to create photo-realistic renders of them.  I thought I would share some of the images that I've made using these programs.

Hot Wheels "Silhouette"

Beatles radio concept

DQ - Orange Julius

Dan Grayber sculpture

Dean Castle

Honda CT 70

Nagra III tape recorder

Schwinn Unicycle

Shoji Lamp concept

Snow-Trac ST4

Stiltsville House - concept
Cody box kite

I've had a lot of fun making these and I hope you enjoy them!  

The Flamingo - restored

A few months ago, I posted some photos and comments about the restoration of Calder's "Flamingo" in Chicago.  This work is now finished and the Flamingo has once again arisen in Federal Plaza in all of its glory.

Judging from some pictures taken by Lee Bey, the restoration has made a noticeable improvement to the appearance of this sculpture. 

photo by Lee Bey
You can see more photos and read Mr. Bey's commentary here.

I discovered an interesting bit of trivia as I was exploring the comments Mr. Bey's article.   Back in 1974, Calder was having great success in Chicago - he had been commissioned to create two sculptures, one for the lobby of the Sears Tower and another for Federal Plaza (the Flamingo) and on October 25th, a major exhibit of his works was opening at the Museum of Contemporary Art.  To celebrate the occasion,  Mayor Richard J. Daley declared the day as "Alexander Calder Day" and held a parade with circus wagons, clowns, unicyclists, and several marching bands.  Alexander Calder himself was in the parade, introduced as "Alexander the Great" and rode on top of a Schlitz beer wagon pulled by 40 horses.  

Now that would have been something to see!